Pond In Your Yard  

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The water in the backyard pond with 5,000 gallons circulating
every hour, is balanced with

Kangen Water

With "Kangen Water" you can balance the water using

<2.5 pH to 11.5pH>
<water clusters 7 times smaller than other water>
<anti-oxidation (ORP) 30 times greater than other water>






















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HVAC/R Tonage to KWH

1,000 tons of refrigeration will save you $106,000 in one year.
At an average of 10 cents per KWH and using a 7% savings by
coating your HVAC/R equipment both on the coils, fins, tubes and
the cabinet, you can expect to receive at least 7% reduction in
energy costs and as much as 43% as reported by our customers.
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A River Runs Through It

Kangen Water



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